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What if...

What if you didn't let our own limiting beliefs and fears get in your way ? How would your life look and feel?

take the leap...

We are a society of procrastinators -negative Nancy's ( sorry Nancy), and bound by our own fears...whether it be fear of rejection, fear of acceptance, fear of failure, and believe it or not, we can also have a fear of success! Yup, weird huh!

I think of it as an imaginary straight jacket and muzzle...keeping us confined and preventing us from voicing what is in our hearts and minds. Fear can be incredibly debilitating...yet also exhilarating! Tapping into that fear, managing it... and taking a leap of faith will help you grow and perhaps open up opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.

what if you said hello?

Have you ever encountered someone and felt a draw to them, and thought "wow, I'd sure like to get to know that person", yet our fears and limitations keep us from approaching them and starting a conversation? Your mind convinces you that you are not good enough, the other person will reject you, you will be hurt, you are not in their league....and so on.

Are you really any worse off than if you didn't say anything at all? Maybe you are missing out on meeting someone that will become a lifelong friend, or an excellent person to network with...or maybe even the love of your life. What if ?

when times were simpler

What if we tapped into that inner child - where meeting friends was as simple as knocking on their door and asking them to come out and play! And if they said no...we would just go ask someone else.

Times were so much simpler - before our beliefs and fears took hold, and we felt we were capable of doing ANYTHING.

There are 7, 655, 957, 369 people on this Earth...not everyone is for you...wrap your head around that! It's OK if you don't make a connection with doesn't mean you are less than or there is something wrong with just means they are not for you.

But what if you DID make that many "missed connections" have you had in your life?

What if you let your self be vulnerable and opened up to your spouse / partner? Communicate how you are REALLY feeling and ask for what you really NEED? How may relationships are stagnant and unfulfilled, or worse yet - lead to separation because we are afraid to open up and say what we really mean? You have become distant, hiding behind your fears, building walls to protect yourself that ultimately will only limit you. What if you actually had an open heart and mind and allowed those you love in? How much more deep and fulfilling and intimate would your relationships be?

so deeply connected and in love

What if you choose to be happy with who you are, exactly as you are, right now! We all have goals, dreams and desires...we all want to aspire to a greater / better self...but how can we do that with success if we don't even like or appreciate who we are now? What if you practiced self love and acceptance? What if right learned to see positive attributes- instead of focusing on things you dislike?

I am ok, exactly as I am!

What if everyday you looked in the mirror and said "I love you"? And while it may feel very awkward and as if you are lying to your image...eventually you will start to believe it. And soon every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror - you will feel love and affection for yourself.

What if you took a risk and joined a sport , activity, or art class ? It is not important if you have or have not any particular skill at this moment....practice will bring improvement ! And maybe you will connect with a group of like minded individuals and create lasting bonds, all while tapping into your creative side, nourishing your soul.

Billy LOVES hockey- I'm proud he stayed so dedicated

I think of my son as an example- he wanted to play ice hockey, but he was not an experienced skater. He started later than most kids. Members of his first team who had been skating since they were very young, complained about his poor skating skills. He worked hard, practiced everyday, and eventually he became one of the strongest skaters on the team. And while he didn't excel initially, he set aside the discouraging remarks of his teammates and just focused on practicing. He didn't let fear and limiting beliefs stop him.

What if you made a move to pursue something you really wanted in life - be it relocating to a new city to enjoy a more desirable climate or location, or maybe downsizing and finding a quieter existence. Applying for a new job that will bring you passion and fulfillment, and have you excited to go to work. Enrolling in courses to gain or further your knowledge or training for a new career path.

Silence the thoughts that you can't do it...and the limiting beliefs that provide a million excuses as to why not....consider what your life would be like if you followed your desires and dreams, and then take the necessary steps to move in that direction.

Start today to make a lasting, deep impact on your life...choose to LIVE your life and set aside your limiting beliefs and fears and do something everyday that challenges you! Even if it's as small a gesture as engaging in small talk with the Barista at the coffee shop, when normally you would be limited to simply placing your order. Get out of your comfort zone...get out of your own'd be amazed at what will open up to you if you'd only take that leap.

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